Who am I
Designer and photographer. Since 2007, I’ve collaborated with all size brands, helping them to reach their goals.

The beginning of my journey

During three years I studied traditional graphic design: lots of typography, layout design, poster making, packaging design, graphic design & art history and brand identity story telling.

Editorial design

My first job as a junior graphic designer was in an editorial company. Creating magazines and annual reports layouts during my first two working years, I learned layout design optimization in order to get every job designed, corrected, printed and delivered on time.

Digital Design

As I wanted to grow and learn other specialties, so I decided to switch to digital design, landing as a junior designer in a agency specialized in fashion brands. I learned to study them, their language, their tone of voice and how to translate these into visual communication elements.

User Experience

Later on I also learned what we call User Centric Design with a first rule in mind: “never take for granted that you know your customers better than they do”.

I was taught that Digital User Experience is very similar to Physical Customer Experience because the way of thinking behind both is the same: thinking about users and customers, putting yourself in their shoes, asking them about their concerns and finding ways to improve their experience. Everything with one goal in mind: increasing sales.

Brand Design & storytelling

Some years afterwards I started working with clients coming from very different worlds like banking & finance, retail, food & Beverage and of course, e-Commerce international clients. Our day to day consisted on defining our clients brands values and personalities, to develop appropriate languages for them and translate everything into visual communication elements published in social media, brands websites, instores and outdoors.

Team management

For me, growing as a professional means trying new things. I started to manage design teams, guiding my colleagues during project development. I was checking project budgets with providers and justifying design decisions during client presentations. During this period I also started collaborating with healthcare, public security, shopping malls and car rental clients.


I like to work on existing projects that need an extra push. I give honest advice on what can be done in order to improve the product.

I also love to work on new born products, because we can start from scratch where the sky is the limit.

From time to time I see a brand and try to develop a case study of what could be improved about it, without real life limitations.