Product photography & Photo editing for a beverages company

Every product presented on a website or eCommerce platform needs to present its products in the most appealing way. In a digital universe, consumers can’t touch, smell nor taste. Therefore, we need to give them a very clear idea of what they are going to buy.

Shadows and bottle reflections are prepared in front to minimize the post-production and photo retouch as much as possible.


Shooting beverage products involves some post production work. Glass surfaces have undesired behaviors, like the photographer and the camera reflected on the bottle. We need to do some photo retouch in order to delete those.

Remember we can have many packshot background styles. The most simple white background with basic shadows allows us to shoot many pictures in a short time. More elaborated environments with reflections and textures require more time to be produced.


This is a handwork where we need to check lights, shadows and reflections beforehand. We will also be deciding what elements need some post production at this point.