M2 Project

Naming and visual identity design for an event marketing campaign


During my last year as a student at Istituto Europeo di Design we were contacted by Sony Spain.

They were going to launch the Playstation Portable 3000 next year and wanted to create an event marketing campaign in Barcelona.


Video game players have traditionally chosen their video gaming console depending on their friends expectations, and therefore, there has been a lot of competition between video game console fans.


During the 1980’s we had Commodore vs Amstrad. After that it was Atari vs Nintendo vs Sega. Then Neo Geo vs Nintendo vs Sega. When Playstation arrived to the market many things changed, but the sense of belonging remained.


We decided then to focus on this sentiment around video games, and created a visual identity and street marketing campaign concept for the new Playstation portable on this foundations.

Naming and typeface

We did some research about how communities are created. How individuals share beliefs and create behavior patterns. And how those can replicate themselves from one person to another the same as it happens with genetics. This way it happens that a certain population starts to share a unique and common way of thinking.


We discovered the term “Memetics“, which describes exactly that. We liked very much the term, it sounded Sci-Fi like the Mimics movie. We realized that it had two M letters, just like replicating one to each other. We also discovered that shortening the term to M2, it could also mean “Me too”.


This was great, because it was not only about replicating one idea from one person to another and creating a community, but it also had the deep sense of belonging to that community.


Many Playstation players like this video game console because of the high level of action involved in the games. We decided that the typeface should have this “militar” appearance to reinforce the idea of community + action.

The shapes

The main interactive element of any video game console is the joystick. To give shape to the campaign visual identity, we decided to focus on the four characteristic buttons available on any playstation joysticks. They can be recognized because of the icons printed on them. The triangle, the square, the circle and the cross.


When playing with friends at home, players very often refer to those symbols for giving instructions about any actions that need to be carried out during the gaming.

The Logo

We used the four elements from playstation joystick buttons to create a symbol, recognizable by the Playsation audience.


Playstation videogames graphics are more adult oriented than other competitors videogames. They have more action, and players are usually male, from 16 to 35 years. We inspired ourselves on sci-fi movies where community groups interact in the streets and spread messages with messages on the walls.


As this campaign was going to be used as a street marketing event, we decided to also give it a graffiti style.

The community

To increase the sense of belonging we also designed a series of badges and goodies. Depending on the player’s progression and participation in the different gaming events, they could receive several awards.