Case study

Market analyse and re-branding for the leading car rental company in Luxembourg

The goal of this project was to create a full rebranding case study. From the luxembourguish car rental market analysis to the most appropriate design solutions proposal. Solutions are oriented to increase the brand visibility and it’s interaction with customers.


The results of the analysis, a more interactive car rental online platform should also be designed in order to create a complete new image for this company.

Luxembourg’s population has been growing a 2.4% in the last 5 years.There are around 1 million yearly visitors, and airport passengers are yearly growing by 12%.Companies stablished/created in the country increase at an average of 4%.

Competitors analysis outcome

There are many vehicle rental companies around the country. None of them rents the same variety of vehicles.

There are 2 companies with more physical places where clients can rent a vehicle.

There are 2 companies with more physical places where clients can rent a vehicle.

About the company

analysis outcome

Competitors are better positioned

Presence at the National Airport could be a benefit for the company.

Online real presence is mandatory.

The website should be 100% responsive as on one side Google is penalizing non-responsive websites, and users expect to have an optimal experience from their smartphones and tablets.

A real interactive platform that allows to check vehicle availability and realtime reservation is also mandatory. This lack of features positions the company behind of its competitors.

The actual brand clearly needs an update

The thickness of some of the visual elements need to be rethought to increase contrast.

The orange as main colour is very recognizable and makes the company stand out from its competitors very easily.

The actual arrows pretend to communicate dynamism, but the current symbol is the standard for “reload” on the internet. This value can be kept but needs to be translated in a different way.


To make the brand look younger and dynamic, I decided to work on the typeface. The new choice is a lowercase heavy and italic typeface, this way we keep visibility and readability. The use of italic implies movement, dynamism. The X letter has been reworked. Instead of two arrows, now we only have one. This increases the sense of forward movement and dynamism. We have thus a strong icon that can be used alone and still be very recognizable. The new branding can be easily translated into the fleet lettering, as this is the main communication media used by the company.

New Website

A new website, fully responsive could be designed to allow customers to see the whole fleet, check vehicles availability online, and make their reservations faster.

The new branding applied to the website has a big impact on the brand image and the perception clients have from the company.